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Duvan Rios, an América fan from Jalisco with a new spot in Venice Beach

Venice Beach Football Club x Nike Los Angeles

Venice Beach Football Club is a grassroots organization providing opportunities for everyone in the Venice Beach area to find their spot on a futbol field or futsal court. As they describe themselves, the club is a “collective of players, coaches, fans, artists and locals coming together to take responsibility for the future of football, starting in their own neighborhood.”

While in Los Angeles for Tour Águila, the Apertura 2018 championship trophy made its way to VBFC’s famous beach-side futsal court Estadio de Dogtown (featured in EA Sports FIFA19, and host to teams like FC Barcelona and Tottenham for visits).

There, we met Duvan Rios, a 19-year-old Mexican-American who grew up in Jalisco, and has carried his love for Club América across the border.

“My mom has always been a huge Club América fan. In Mexico, I used to watch the games with her when I was a little kid, and that’s how I became a fan. It’s a connection to my family. Every time América played, we’d meet up at a house with my uncles, my cousins and everyone and see the game.

“Being here in LA it’s a bit harder but my mom and I still make time to watch the games, we still watch together. She’s the one who tells me ‘Hey they’re going to play this game so be ready, be home to watch it.

“What Venice Beach Football Club is doing here is what it’s all about to me. You just come, play soccer, that’s it. It just grows soccer here because it’s so open and everyone is so welcome, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before.

“I’ll be at the game here on Saturday, bringing my whole family and friends with me. My mom is coming back from a trip to Mexico to watch with us.

Thanks to Nike Los Angeles, Venice Beach Football Club will be bringing 100 local Club América fans to Saturday’s match. About 30 of those will be Duvan’s family and friends.