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Nidos Águila (Eagle’s Nests) México

Get to know “Nidos Águila” (Eagle’s Nests)

“Nidos Águila” are Club América’s official soccer schools. We work in the integral training and the instilling of values in children. We have a training methodology of our own, with which this institution has forged great players and has had great success in 98 years of history.

Our“Nidos Águila” are an extension of Club America’s youth ranks. It’s main objective is shaping players with an ”Americanista” (Club América’s ideology) profile, and bringing Club América closer to fans.

“Nidos Águila” are part of our “Sports Integration Project”, which started on January 2012 with a series of tournaments and tryouts, which are part of our benefits as an official affiliate. If you ever want to play with América, this is the best way to start.

We offer benefits such as official tryouts inside the facilities, visits to the First Team’s trainings in Coapa, clinics with our trainers, regional tournaments, game tickets, and more.

Currently, we have more than 40 “Nidos Águila” in Mexico.

Are you interested on being a part of the “Nido Águila” community? Click here and download all the information.